3 Direct Mail Marketing Tips For Local Businesses

11 June 2018
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Many businesses overlook the benefits of direct mail marketing, but this form of marketing can be especially useful for local businesses. If you are looking for new ways to market, consider incorporating direct mailings.

Start With Professional Mailings

It is important to have professional mailings for marketing. Depending on your type of business, you might want to design large postcards to inform people about sales, specials, or new products. For restaurants, your direct mailing can be as simple as a copy of your menu. Keep your mailings simple and easy to read since people generally do not spend much time reading unsolicited mail. When your mailings are high-quality, recipients will usually take a second glance and not automatically toss your mailings away as "junk mail." For postcards, use heavy-weight cardstock with a glossy finish. You should also add color to the postcards so they stand out among other mail. If you are mailing menus, you might choose a heavier weight paper, but something thinner than cardstock.

Know Your Market

Part of using direct mail effectively is knowing your market so you can focus your efforts on the people who will most likely become customers. For example, if you own an expensive boutique, you will be more successful sending your mailings to people who visit expensive restaurants or are customers of other high-end establishments. Oftentimes, businesses find this information by purchasing information from an address bank. You will also learn basic information about the people that live at these addresses, which can help you determine if they match your target market. They may have subscribed to a specific magazine or signed up to receive mailings from a department store. When you narrow the scope of your market, you can also invest more money in your direct mailings without feeling like you are wasting your budget.

Entice Your Recipients

You can use different tactics to entice the recipient with your direct mailings. The most common method is offering a special discount or free gift if the recipient brings in the mailing. Another popular tactic is including samples with your mailings. If you own a local store that sells candles and incense, you might add a sample incense to your mailing so the recipient can burn the incense and smell the fragrance. A positive experience with your product might entice them to come into your store and see what other products you offer or buy a full-size of the sample.

Direct mailing continues to be an effective way of marketing, especially for businesses who rely on the local community. Investing in professional direct mail marketing services and making your mailings attractive to the recipients can help you find new customers.