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5 Twists To Spice Up Your Summer Corporate Events

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Corporate events do not have to be formal affairs that both employees and customers dread attending. In fact, they can — and should — be a chance to showcase your brand in a fun, new way with clever ideas and out-of-the-box thinking.  1. BBQ 2.0 – Instead of hosting the same BBQ every year, switch things up a bit to add in a new twist for your guests. How about a hot dog station with all the fixings? Did you know there are so many regional variations that take the average dog way beyond just ketchup and mustard? Have recipe cards for Chicago dogs (with tomatoes and pickles) and Florida dogs (mango salsa) so that everyone can try a new version of the old classic.  2. Fireworks – Summer means fireworks and, while it may be cost-prohibitive to host your own show, why not pay for a private tent at your community’s fireworks show? You can include a catered dinner before and an open bar throughout the event. Make sure your guests know to bring their entire family — the more, the merrier! A nice touch would be baskets full of blankets for guests to throw out on the lawn for better viewing of the main event.   3. Brew Fest – Craft beer is the hottest thing going in many towns. If your crew loves a good IPA (India Pale Ale), check into renting out a brew pub for the evening for your corporate event. Serve dinner, flights of beer, and have a pub employee on hand for private tours.  4. The Arts – If your goal for your summer event is a more upscale event, you can rent one of your town’s museums. Many museums are available for rent for the right price, and they all make for a don’t-miss event. The idea of being able to wander through the galleries after hours appeals to many people as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will virtually guarantee an R.S.V.P. list full of yeses. 5. Decades – Another great idea for a fun summer event is a decades party. Did your company form in the 1970s? Go for a 70s vibe with a disco party and a kaleidoscope of colors. You can also rock your inner Valley Girl with an 80s party. It would be, like, totally tubular. Tell guests to come in the appropriate attire and the evening will be filled with fun conversation about everyone’s...

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3 Ways A Restaurant Can Engage With The Local Community

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New restaurant owners are often concerned about building a good reputation within the local community. The obvious way to do this is to provide delicious food and great service. But this is not the only way. The restaurant can become an important social meeting place, provided the owners and staff encourages it. This benefits restaurant owners, because it increases their visibility and also attracts new customers, and it benefits the community because it provides invaluable space for important events. Here are 3 ways a restaurant can engage with the local community and improve its reputation. Host A Political Event Local politics is an important part of the community. Often, people running for office will seek out libraries, schools, and other civic areas to speak at. Sometimes it can be difficult to secure these locations. A restaurant owner might want to offer space for a particular party or candidate to host an event. This will attract all of their supporters to the restaurant. The restaurant could provide a small sampling of the food for free, so that those in attendance can get a sense of the menu. It’s important not to take sides on a political issue. So if there is a contentious issue in the community, you should consider hosting events for candidates that speak for each side. This way you will not alienate those who don’t agree with one particular candidate. Allow Local Artists To Showcase Their Work One Night A Month Local artists are always looking for space to showcase their work. A restaurant owner can use the walls, or empty space, in their restaurant to help them out. Photographs, paintings, and sketches can be hung on the walls or placed on stands along the walls. The owner can arrange for a monthly show where the restaurant is closed down turned into a gallery. Wine and hors d’oeuvres can be served. They can chose a day in the middle of the week when the crowd is slow. It doesn’t even have to be a full night. The event could start at 9 p.m., for instance, when the dinner crowd is mostly done. Donate Food To The Local Homeless Shelter A restaurant will have lots of leftover food. The prep chefs will often have lots of unused salads, greens, vegetables, meats, etc…This food is perfectly edible and should not be thrown out. Rather than waste this food, set up special section where food that is not used for the restaurant patrons is set aside. The food to be donated should be prepared as though it were being served to a customer, not simply slopped into a bin. The people who need this food will appreciate that it was not simply thrown in front of them with no thought. For more information about getting your restaurant’s name out there, visit Voted Best of...

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3 Reasons To Sell Your Local Sports Tickets Online

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If you manage a venue that hosts sporting events or are part of the management of a local team, you might be at least partly responsible for the sale of your event tickets. Although you might prefer to do things the old-fashioned way and sell your tickets locally, there is a better option — selling them online instead. These are some of the reasons why this is beneficial, even for a small-town team. 1. Reduce Manpower When it comes to selling tickets, you probably have to have a lot of volunteers or a lot of paid individuals to sell your tickets. It can be tough to find volunteers, however, and it can be expensive to pay people to sell your tickets. Once you get started with selling your tickets online, however, you can reduce manpower. This can put less stress on your volunteers or can save a lot of money if you no longer have to hire as many employees to handle the job. 2. Prevent Lost Tickets Another issue that you have to think about is people losing their tickets. You might find yourself dealing with lost ticket issues all the time, but this can be virtually eliminated if your tickets are sold online. This is because people can easily reprint their tickets or can use their smartphones to display their tickets at the front gate. It’s a great way to reduce problems and make things a whole lot easier for ticket buyers. 3. Promote Your Teams and Events Even if your team or venue are in a small town, you still have to worry about promotion. Selling tickets online, however, can make it that much easier for you to promote your venue, your teams and your events. It’ll be easy to advertise your online ticket option, and those who might not go out of their way to go out and physically buy tickets might be more likely to purchase them if they can do so online. Plus, people can share your ticket-selling website on social media, and it can be promoted on local websites and online groups. It is a great way to drum up interest in your community to get more people interested in these events. Even though you might think that it’s only the big teams that sell their tickets online, this does not have to be the case at all. These are just some of the reasons why you should consider selling your local event tickets online. If you decide to make this move, you’re sure to enjoy these benefits and more. For more tips, check out websites that specialize in sports ticket...

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Documentary for a Non-Profit Agency

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If you are the manager or marketing representative for a non-profit agency, you know how important it is that the agency is one that is recognizable within the community. Recognizable charities and agencies will always receive more funding and donations if people know who they are and what they are all about. Therefore, it is crucial to reach out to citizens in the community, which makes a non-profit documentary an ideal marketing tool. Even though producing a documentary is an excellent way to get recognition for a non-profit agency, in order for the efforts to be effective, you have to make the best impressions. There are a few easy-to-remember do’s and don’ts to keep in mind during documentary production.  Do include a brief history of the organization.  People will want to know a bit about where the organization started and who was the original developer. This small bit of history is a good way to build a relationship with viewers and can include things like: the year the organization was developed the initial location of the agency or the developers the idea that made someone think there was a need for this particular organization Don’t get carried away with providing the history of the non-profit agency.  Including some history is good, but make sure that the majority of the documentary is not history of the organization alone. Your viewers will want to know more about the agency and what has taken place since the development. You may have a fantastic story to tell about the initial development, but keep it brief and to the point to retain viewer interest.  Do inject emotion into the documentary.  The primary purpose of a documentary for a non-profit agency is to reap community interest and hopefully encourage more donations. Therefore, conveying a sincere and emotional message about the need within the community is a good thing.  Don’t go overboard with the dramatic emotions.  Emotional appeal is good, but coming across overly emotional can sometimes feel a little dramatized in a documentary and may give the wrong impression to viewers. Some topics naturally associated with not-for-profit agencies are naturally going to invoke emotion, such as those that work with children or abandoned animals. So you will be playing on the emotions of viewers already just through talking about the need in the community without being overly emotional with a sad soundtrack or visibly tearful guests in the documentary. With these tips in mind, consider looking into a local documentary production company to discuss your options and what else you should include in your documentary to make it more...

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Can You Use Your New Drone To Advertise Your Business?

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If you’re a small business owner who has recently purchased a drone, you may be excited at the thought of monetizing this hobby by taking aerial photographs of your business or using your drone to provide exterior security. In some areas, you may also be able to use your drone to provide aerial advertising for your business. Read on to learn more about the laws governing drone advertising and what you can do to maximize the effectiveness of your unique ad campaign. Are you legally permitted to advertise with a drone? Although air space throughout the U.S. is governed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), until very recently, drones were completely unregulated. The FAA is now planning to require recreational drone owners to register their devices upon purchase, allowing this entity to track down drone pilots who interfere with flight paths of planes or helicopters or operate in a reckless or irresponsible manner.  However, unless your state specifically prohibits aerial advertising (like the state of Hawaii), there should be no legal restrictions against using your drone to tow a small banner in public airspace, or even to paint your drone with your business’s colors and fly it around the neighborhood. You may still be restricted by local statutes or ordinances from flying your drone over professional sports stadiums or other privately-owned open structures during outdoor events, but because recreational drones are a relatively recent innovation, few areas have enacted laws dealing with them. How should you best use your drone for advertising your business? The most efficient advertising use of your drone will primarily depend upon your business type and local market. For example, if you’ve recently opened a music store and are looking for the best way to gain exposure, you may want to tow a banner announcing your name and location above a local music festival or even a high school football game. For those who have already established a loyal customer base but want to increase your business’s public presence, you could even develop give-away contests requiring locals to capture photos or video of your drone and post them on your website or social media page.  You can also use your drone for indirect advertising by using it to film professional footage to be used in television commercials or to take photos for your website (or even specific product advertisements). By continuing to push the limits of your new drone’s capabilities, you’ll be able to expand your business in ways never before thought possible. For more information about drone advertising, contact a company like High Exposure Inc Aerial...

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5 Social Media Tips To Boost Your Marketing

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Whether you own a landscaping or makeup company, utilizing social media is huge. Advertising your products and services on sites like Twitter and Facebook is an inexpensive way to get your brand noticed by others. However, if you are new to the game, it is quite easy to make mistakes. Here are five useful social media tips to boost your marketing: Make Posts at the Right Times Making posts on social media sites will not do you much good if not many people see them. That is why you must post at the right times. For example, Fast Company recommends posting on Facebook between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Many people hit a slump around that time and will check to see what is happening on Facebook. If you prefer to use Twitter, do so around lunchtime on Monday through Thursday.  Run Ads on Facebook Another effective way to boost your social media marketing efforts is to run ads on Facebook. When users see your ad on the side of their Facebook page, they may be intrigued and visit your company’s page. Facebook ads cost a lot less than traditional advertising and can be great for your business.  Respond to Comments No matter how busy you get, you should take the time to respond to comments on your company’s Facebook page. Whether the comments are positive or negative, responding to them will show your customers that you value their opinion. For example, if someone is disappointed with your product, apologize and offer a solution to the problem. Add a Personal Touch A good way to improve engagement with your customer base is to be a little more personal. For example, you could take some photos of your business office and post them on Facebook. Adding some personality to your posts will keep your customers interested.  Hold a Contest Running a contest on Facebook will keep your audience engaged and get you more likes. For instance, if you own a makeup company, you could give your customers the chance to win an eye shadow palette. A simple contest will get your audience so excited that they may even tell their friends and family members about your business. Promoting your business through social media does not have to be difficult. If you follow these helpful tips, you can improve your marketing efforts. Remember to post frequently and appreciate all of your...

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3 Ways To Get Businesses To Advertise On Your Discount Card Fundraiser

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Raising money for your organization is something that might be necessary to keep it up and running, and there are many ways to do this. One option is through a discount card fundraiser. This is a cost-effective method for raising money for any type of organization, but it will require finding local businesses that are willing to give something away for free or for a discount. Here are some tips that may help you find enough local businesses who will agree to advertise on your organization’s discount cards. Advertise As Much As Possible To find businesses that will agree to sponsor your cards you must advertise. You might want to check with your local paper to see if they will let you post an ad for free, and you may also want to type up formal letters to send to businesses or to personally drop off. If a business sees your request multiple times, they might be more likely to agree to advertise on your card. Give Options The goal of a discount card is to have a variety of local businesses on it that are each offering some type of discount customers can take advantage of by using the card at these businesses. If you can come up with a list of ideas, a business might be more willing to go through with the deal, simply because one of the options might seem like a great way for the business to stir up extra traffic. Here are some options you could suggest to the businesses: A percentage off – A store, for example, might agree to give customers 20% off any purchase they make over a certain amount. This could be for a $10 sale or a $100 sale, and the business can decide the percentage and the sale amount. A free beverage – If you target restaurants, you could suggest they offer a free soft drink or iced tea to customers with the purchase of any meal. A dollar amount off – Service businesses might agree to give a certain dollar amount off work they do for people. For example, an oil change company might be able to get more business if they offer $4 off an oil change when a customer presents this discount card. Giving options eliminates the guesswork companies must do as they try to decide whether to advertise. State The Benefits Finally, if you can create a document that lists the benefits this offers to local businesses, they might be more apt to agree to it. For example, you could state that advertising on this card will help them attract more customers. You could also let them know the positive effects this will have on your organization and the people involved in it. You will have to pay to get the discount cards created for you, but if you can sell enough of them, this cost might be minimal. Because of this, you could offer free advertising as another benefit to the businesses. This might be an additional incentive to convince them to advertise. Creating and selling discount cards for a fundraiser can be an effective way to raise money, but you must be able to find businesses to advertise. To learn more about this fundraiser, contact a company that specializes in discount...

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5 Effective Ways To Give Your Marketing Emails A Boost

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Why do you send out marketing emails? Is it your goal to spread information? Are you trying to promote a product? Are you just trying to remind customers that you exist? If you don’t know why you are sending out emails, that’s part of the problem. Creating focused marketing materials is essential for reaching your target audience. If you are looking for more effective ways to reach out to your audience, consider these tips. 1. You need to build trust and loyalty with your readers. One of the best ways to build trust and brand loyalty with your readers is to get to know them. Utilizing a website like MailChimp allows you to see which of your subscribers has been opening emails, allowing you to see who reacts to your emails and who does not. In the same vein, you can also ask your readers what they think via surveys on your institution’s website. 2. Use multimedia. Be careful to avoid emails that are full of text and promotional copy. Videos enhance your email’s ability to reach consumers, as do photos and infographics. Include information that is easy to digest and does not have to be purchased. 3. Make it easy to opt out. Unfortunately, there will come a time when somebody wishes to unsubscribe from your newsletters and other promotional materials. Ensure that the opt out button is easy to find, not buried in the terms of service somewhere. While it is important that you make it easy for subscribers to leave, it is essential that you ask people why they have opted out. A brief survey box should do the trick. 4. Make sure your emails are mobile-friendly. You could argue that people are checking their phone more often than their computers these days. Most likely, your customer will receive the email on a mobile device instead of a computer. Make it easy to open links and read your information on a phone. 5. Don’t forget to get social. Engaging with your subscribers on more than one level is most effective in garnering interest. Make sure to include links to social media accounts associated with your institution, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Additionally, make sure that you link to a blog or website you are associated with. The key to sending out effective marketing emails is to touch the audience in some way. Casual conversation, while holding yourself as an authority, helps people trust your brand and your institution. Consider consulting a marketing agency for...

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Own A Computer Repair Shop? 3 Features Your Business Website Should Have

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If you own your own computer repair shop, you should already have a website. A website will not do you any good, however, if it does not have certain features. Follow the tips below to ensure your website brings customers to your business. Keywords Using keywords can bring traffic to your website from the search engines. This is because when someone types in a certain keyword using a search engine, and this keyword is on your website, it will be one of the first search results they will see. The goal of all search engines is to show the most relevant content to users. If the search engine finds that your website has a lot of the same keyword, it will likely not end up in the search results. For this reason, you should understand the most important places to place your keywords. If you do not understand how to use keywords, you should consider hiring an search engine optimization specialist (SEO), who can help you determine the best keywords you should use to bring traffic to your website. Social Media There are many social media platforms available, and you should be promoting your business on them. Many people today use social media to find information they need. On your social media pages, including articles to help clients. For example, you could post article about the latest viruses. You should comment on posts people leave for you, and make sure your comments are helpful and well-written. Do not use your social media sites as an advertising campaign, however. They are used more for conversing with people that are interested in your service in a relaxed way. Look at it like directly speaking with your customers and potential customers. Your “About Us” Page Because anyone can run a business on the Internet, your customers will likely want to know more about you before they will purchase one of your services or products. An “About Us” page is a great way to do this. You can use this page to show your credentials, which will help people trust you better. You should also include your contact information, and the address of your business if you have a brick and mortar store, as well as directions on how to get there. If you do not currently have a website, and are not experienced at creating them, it is a smart business decision to hire a website design professional to create one for...

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How To Make The Most Of Taking Your Marketing Campaign On The Road

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Advertising is a huge part of running a successful business. Reaching as many people as possible with your advertising campaigns matters the most. For some types of businesses, pinpointing a target audience is vital for reaching potential customers. However, when your target audience is unclear, reaching the masses is the best way to get new customers. Learning more about how to get the most from mobile billboard marketing is a good idea. Colors Can Be The Greatest Eye Catcher On The Road When your billboard design is plastered on the side of a big truck, the drivers it passes on the open road are the people you are trying to reach. By ensuring your billboard design is bright and attractive, you have greater chances of people noticing it. Once your potential customers’ eyes are on the billboard because of bright colors, you have their full attention. If the colors in your billboard are dark and boring, many people will never notice it as it passes directly in front of them. Using Both Sides Of A Truck When making choices for your mobile billboard, always make sure your design is on both sides of the trucks being used to drive your message around town. By doing so, you reach more people. If the company you choose to create your billboard only offers you one side, be sure to look for someone that offers a good deal for both sides being used. In this way, you get the most for the money you spend on this type of marketing campaign, an important aspect of getting a return on your advertising investment. Think Of Unusual Tactics Of Advertising Beware of using normal tactics of mobile billboard advertising. For example, if you put a simple image that mimics other images that been used a great deal with a few simple fonts, you will make less of an impact on people than you would if you used an image not seen everywhere already. Think of how you could best represent your business using out of the ordinary kinds of images and cool fonts for the wording. For this reason, choosing a company that you know is off the beaten path when it comes to design is extremely important. Always take the time to look at a company’s portfolio for seeing the kind of work they produce before making a final choice about hiring them. Taking your business way ahead of your competition can be done when you take the most effective approach to mobile billboard...

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