3 Ways To Use Social Media To Market Your Name As An Author

13 September 2017
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As an author, your name itself is technically a business. You are the owner and sole proprietor of your own business entity and your marketing plan will revolve a lot around getting your name out and in the public as a recognizable author. There are a lot of tools and methods that can be used for just this purpose, but social media could easily be deemed the wave of the future that you should be riding to give your name a boost. Read More 

Tips For Effective Billboard Designing

18 January 2017
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Billboard advertising is generally a simple and effective way to reach numerous motorists. A huge billboard with the right message and attractive graphics can help pitch your product to millions of customers if placed in the right location. If you are intending to invest in a massive, high rise roadside billboard, you need to ensure that it is well designed so as to maximize your outdoor advertising return on investment and give your product as much publicity as possible. Read More