Tips For Effective Billboard Designing

18 January 2017
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Billboard advertising is generally a simple and effective way to reach numerous motorists. A huge billboard with the right message and attractive graphics can help pitch your product to millions of customers if placed in the right location.

If you are intending to invest in a massive, high rise roadside billboard, you need to ensure that it is well designed so as to maximize your outdoor advertising return on investment and give your product as much publicity as possible. Consider trying the tips below to improve your billboard advertising response. 

Keep it simple

Motorists usually have just a few seconds to glance at a roadside billboard, so you want to make it as easy to read as possible. Including too much information and images could make your billboard cluttered and illegible.

As a basic rule, include a simple, thought-provoking and exciting headline to grab the attention of onlookers and a dynamic and compelling image to add to the visual effect and help showcase the product. Remember to also include a logo to orchestrate the intended message in a simple visual that is memorable and captivating to onlookers and that will help build your brand.

Even as you try to use fewer words on the billboard, do not omit your contact information so potential customers know how to reach you. 

Font and color

When it comes to billboard designing, high contrasting colors are more likely to get you noticed. Using bright colors on a contrasting background will help to effortlessly attract the eyes and improve the retention of your intended message. You should also use a large, bold photo in your design on a simple background that doesn't divert attention from the foreground image. Graphics and color on the image used should be bright and saturated so as to be effortlessly visible and leave a vivid mental picture.

The font used on your billboard text should be bold and large so as to allow reading from greater distances and quickly resonate with onlookers. Try to use a simple and precise font, as elaborate font types are often hard to read and less visible. For added visual effect, be sure to leave ample spaces between the letters and to avoid all caps which tend to be less legible. 

Billboard design typically requires simplicity, contrast and emphasis on size and color. The tips above can help you create a billboard that is likely to have more impact on onlookers. For more information, talk to a professional like Outdoor Networks.