3 Ways To Use Social Media To Market Your Name As An Author

13 September 2017
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As an author, your name itself is technically a business. You are the owner and sole proprietor of your own business entity and your marketing plan will revolve a lot around getting your name out and in the public as a recognizable author. There are a lot of tools and methods that can be used for just this purpose, but social media could easily be deemed the wave of the future that you should be riding to give your name a boost. Take a quick look at three ways you can use social media to market your author name and garner new followers interested in your written works:

Create social media profiles that act as your author business representation. 

You should never use your personal social media profiles to market yourself as an author. Using your personal profiles for business can bring about a lot of problems and confusion in the eyes of consumers. Plus, your personal connections may not be so thrilled with constantly seeing your marketing efforts on their feed because they follow you are they are your friend. Instead, you should work to build your own author profiles on social media sites that act as a business page. This will be the profile you use to announce information about upcoming releases, communicate with interested readers, and generally develop a healthy following of consumers. 

Utilize API and GNIP data harvested from social media sites to your advantage. 

Twitter is an excellent social media source to use for marketing because the site makes it so easy for business owners to get their hands on valuable data. They actually keep running tabs on things like trending information, responses, and tweets that attract the most interest coming from one particular profile. This is available as GNIP or API (application program interface)data analysis and can really give you insight into what is working the best with your own marketing efforts or which direction you should be aiming your marketing efforts in general. 

Build momentum for upcoming releases through social media sharing. 

Once you have a healthy following of your social media profiles, you have a good venue for generating buzz when you do have a work in progress that will be released at a certain date. You can share things like book excerpts, video previews, or even cover designs to get people excited about what is coming up in the near future. 

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