3 Ways To Get Businesses To Advertise On Your Discount Card Fundraiser

28 October 2015
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Raising money for your organization is something that might be necessary to keep it up and running, and there are many ways to do this. One option is through a discount card fundraiser. This is a cost-effective method for raising money for any type of organization, but it will require finding local businesses that are willing to give something away for free or for a discount. Here are some tips that may help you find enough local businesses who will agree to advertise on your organization's discount cards.

Advertise As Much As Possible

To find businesses that will agree to sponsor your cards you must advertise. You might want to check with your local paper to see if they will let you post an ad for free, and you may also want to type up formal letters to send to businesses or to personally drop off. If a business sees your request multiple times, they might be more likely to agree to advertise on your card.

Give Options

The goal of a discount card is to have a variety of local businesses on it that are each offering some type of discount customers can take advantage of by using the card at these businesses. If you can come up with a list of ideas, a business might be more willing to go through with the deal, simply because one of the options might seem like a great way for the business to stir up extra traffic. Here are some options you could suggest to the businesses:

  • A percentage off – A store, for example, might agree to give customers 20% off any purchase they make over a certain amount. This could be for a $10 sale or a $100 sale, and the business can decide the percentage and the sale amount.
  • A free beverage – If you target restaurants, you could suggest they offer a free soft drink or iced tea to customers with the purchase of any meal.
  • A dollar amount off – Service businesses might agree to give a certain dollar amount off work they do for people. For example, an oil change company might be able to get more business if they offer $4 off an oil change when a customer presents this discount card.

Giving options eliminates the guesswork companies must do as they try to decide whether to advertise.

State The Benefits

Finally, if you can create a document that lists the benefits this offers to local businesses, they might be more apt to agree to it. For example, you could state that advertising on this card will help them attract more customers. You could also let them know the positive effects this will have on your organization and the people involved in it.

You will have to pay to get the discount cards created for you, but if you can sell enough of them, this cost might be minimal. Because of this, you could offer free advertising as another benefit to the businesses. This might be an additional incentive to convince them to advertise.

Creating and selling discount cards for a fundraiser can be an effective way to raise money, but you must be able to find businesses to advertise. To learn more about this fundraiser, contact a company that specializes in discount card fundraisers.