5 Twists To Spice Up Your Summer Corporate Events

11 July 2016
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Corporate events do not have to be formal affairs that both employees and customers dread attending. In fact, they can -- and should -- be a chance to showcase your brand in a fun, new way with clever ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. 

1. BBQ 2.0 - Instead of hosting the same BBQ every year, switch things up a bit to add in a new twist for your guests. How about a hot dog station with all the fixings? Did you know there are so many regional variations that take the average dog way beyond just ketchup and mustard? Have recipe cards for Chicago dogs (with tomatoes and pickles) and Florida dogs (mango salsa) so that everyone can try a new version of the old classic. 

2. Fireworks - Summer means fireworks and, while it may be cost-prohibitive to host your own show, why not pay for a private tent at your community's fireworks show? You can include a catered dinner before and an open bar throughout the event. Make sure your guests know to bring their entire family -- the more, the merrier! A nice touch would be baskets full of blankets for guests to throw out on the lawn for better viewing of the main event.  

3. Brew Fest - Craft beer is the hottest thing going in many towns. If your crew loves a good IPA (India Pale Ale), check into renting out a brew pub for the evening for your corporate event. Serve dinner, flights of beer, and have a pub employee on hand for private tours. 

4. The Arts - If your goal for your summer event is a more upscale event, you can rent one of your town's museums. Many museums are available for rent for the right price, and they all make for a don't-miss event. The idea of being able to wander through the galleries after hours appeals to many people as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will virtually guarantee an R.S.V.P. list full of yeses.

5. Decades - Another great idea for a fun summer event is a decades party. Did your company form in the 1970s? Go for a 70s vibe with a disco party and a kaleidoscope of colors. You can also rock your inner Valley Girl with an 80s party. It would be, like, totally tubular. Tell guests to come in the appropriate attire and the evening will be filled with fun conversation about everyone's outfit.