Benefits Of Programmatic Direct Mail Ads

4 May 2019
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Many companies have been using Programmatic ad campaigns to successfully increase their customer base, as well as to keep current customers loyal. There is a reason that this type of advertising works so well. Programmatic advertising simplifies the advertising process for the companies by allowing the ads to be handled with very little action on their part. However, with programmatic advertising, there is also the downside of not knowing that the right target markets are viewing the ads, and this can lead to wasted advertising due to little positive results from those ads. With programmatic direct mail advertising, companies can see better results and the information here explains why.

Direct mail advertisements send ads to a person's mailbox

Traditional direct mail advertisements send out random advertisements to resident's mailboxes with little to no research on the resident's interests. Often times, the ads sent to residents have nothing that interests them and those ads are wasted, ending up in the landfill or in a drawer and never looked at again.

With online targeted mailers, basic information is used to mail them ads

When customers come online and they offer their personal information, such as their address, that information can then be used to send them direct mail advertisements. When they put their information on websites, there is an increased chance that the ads that are sent to them will be ones that they will use. This in turn means a new customer is acquired using two avenues together to capture their interest and evoke a certain behavior; acting upon the mailer.

Customer's online behavior is collected to send very specific ads

With programmatic direct mail advertising, the demographic data is used in conjunction with a customer's behavior in order to target them for specific ads. The ads will be personalized to them. This means if the customer is often looking at shoes, then they will receive coupons for shoes. If the customer is spending a good amount of time on online pet stores and searching for pet products, then their direct advertising mailer will include coupons geared for a pet owner. The advertisements are sent to them directly through the mail. This means the customers will be given a tangible ad if this is the way they prefer their information, then this can help the companies to turn that person into a customer.

Continuing to offer those direct mail ads to them can eventually lead to a long-term customer after they either finding the company to be the best choice for them or get in the habit of automatically using that company's services.